Saturday, June 03, 2006

Riding saved her life.

It's nice sometimes to be reminded of why we have this blog and our foundation website. I stumbled across a MySpace entry today that referred to us. It's from SJM in Ohio.

From SJM's MySpace entry ("Riding Saved My Life"):

It was March 2003 when Mother Nature finally took a break from ticking us off so we could get out for an early spring ride in Ohio. I have a mole on my forehead that has been there all my life and it became irritated by the fibers in my helmet lining on that ride. Remembering that any changes in a mole could be cause for concern, I went to a dermatologist for the first time in my life to get it checked out. I was 26.

It is a typical, round mole and didnt have any indication of irregularity so my doctors said I had nothing to worry about. Out of curiosity though, she gave me a once over to look for anything peculiar. My right shoulder blade region is where she found it. She cut it out for a biopsy and the biggest shock off my life came about a week later when she informed me that it was in fact Malignant Melanoma.

Tiffany immediately entered my mind.

I hung up the phone and through tears read everything I could on Tiffanys site that linked me all over the internet to find more information on the disease. I was freaked and I had every reason to be. That Friday, they got it all through outpatient surgery and I was left with a genuine Melanoma scar to commemorate that diseases attempt at getting me.

These days sunblock is my best friend and its a rare day if you find me without it. My favorites are Lubriderm Daily Moisture with SPF 15 lotion for my face everyday because its light and doesnt smell like sunblock. And for the active protection, I use Coopertone Continuous Spray.

Skin protection has two different set of requirements in my life. Protection from the pavement and sun. When people choose to neglect one, the other or both its upsetting because of how easy the scarring, pain and death can in a majority of cases can be avoided.

Wear protection; your life could depend on it in more ways than one.


Michelle said...

I have recently started a blog here as well that is dedicated to Melanoma and my best friend who passed on 4-20-04. I haven't posted her story yet but I am working on it. I do have a few posts up already if you want to check it out.
Thanks again,

Anonymous said...

her post is truly touching and, having known tiffany myself, i know it's the validation of her advocacy. she actually saved at least one person's life! how many of us can say that??

Anonymous said...

Wow! I have been coming back and forth to Tiffany's site for a while and just noticed that you provided my link to my MySpace page about my Melanoma story. My name is Stephani J. McIntyre (hence, the SJM) and I just finished Dad's Girl by Judd and am the co-founder of the Women's Sportbike Rally. This is really special for me that you put this on her site and that I will be working so closely with Judd as we plan to donate all the proceeds from the 2nd Annual Rally set for August 24-26, 2007 to Tiffany's Melanoma Foundation. I still get my skin checked every three months and haven't have another Melanoma as of this time.

Thank you for posting this. I only hope that you and I can help save more lives by spreading the word about this terrible disease!

With love,